Body Wash Bar – Coconut & Lime


Sweet like Lemons, Nuts like Cocos

With this wonderfully scented Body Wash Bar you immediately have summer in your bulb. The passionate scent mix of coconut and lime let you dream away to a sun-drenched paradise, and that just during your shower! This Bar also contains an anti-aging effect that makes the skin glow again and feel supple. Cleanse your skin optimally and start the day cheerful and energetic. Squeeze the day!


What ingredients do you find in this body bar?

The Coconut & Lime Body Bar is full of natural ingredients that cleanse and care for your skin. The coconut and lime in this Bar give your skin a deep cleansing and intense care. In addition, they contain a natural anti-age: bye bye rapid skin aging!

  • With jojoba oil you will experience soothed, soft and firm skin and supple hair.

  • Coconut gives a real boost to your skin and hair!

  • Lime is packed with vitamin C. Vitamin C promotes the resistance of your skin and hair.

  • Olive oil is rich in antioxidants. This way your skin and hair are optimally protected.


0% plastic, 100% effective

This cheerful Body Wash Bar is 100% plastic-free. It contains all the active ingredients of a traditional bottle of shower gel, but without the polluting packaging or added water. Happy Soaps compresses the active substances into 1 Bar. This Bar is equivalent to at least 3-4 plastic bottles of shower gel! In combination with the natural ingredients, delicious fragrance and longevity with rightful alternative that is better for you and the planet.


Content: 100 grams

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