Sustainability, consciousness
& craftsmanship

Het Faire Oosten offers makers and sustainable entrepreneurs a physical platform in Amsterdam. The pillars of Het Faire Oosten are sustainability, consciousness & craftsmanship. Our aim is to inspire, educate and empower one another and consequently grow as a community of next era impact-makers. Next to our physical store in Amsterdam East, you can also shop on our webshop! Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook pages for the latest products and trends.

Let's Talk Fairtrade | Fairtrade Week & Day | Het Faire Oosten

Let's talk... fairtrade

Non-fairtrade vs fairtrade products

In “Let’s talk…” we explain the differences between the materials, products and product categories you can find in our store versus in “mainstream” stores. Because which options are more sustainable? And what makes these options the fair choice? In this post: Let’s talk fairtrade!

Because what exactly is fairtrade? Why is fairtrade important? And what are Fairtrade Week & World Fairtrade Day? Since fair is literally our middle name, fairtrade is one of the key aspects of our company. Learn all about it in our blog.



For over 14 years Mónica Lavandera, the company’s founder and creative director, has been offering garments that she herself has designed and patterned.

Lavandera has its own vocabulary of shapes and volumes that define the brand’s unique character. The company embraces the idea of a continuous collection in which the timelessness of garments depends on the wearer rather than passing trends.

The company has been committed to sustainability since its founding. Lavadera firmly believes in protecting the planet – from the selection of materials to the final finished product.

Skirt Sri Lanka
Pants Puerto Rico
Greenspark | Plastic & Carbon Offset