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Het Faire Oosten offers makers and sustainable entrepreneurs a physical platform in Amsterdam. The pillars of Het Faire Oosten are sustainability, craftsmanship & creativity. Our aim is to inspire, educate and empower one another and consequently grow as a community of next era impact-makers. Next to our physical store in Amsterdam East you can also shop on our brand new webshop! Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook pages for the latest products and trends.

Het Faire Oosten - Duurzaam Warenhuis



We are looking for new team members and you can help us! Is your best friend a real sustainable hero? Does your son have to much free time since he passed his high school exams? Is your cousin a true style advisor? Do you have a strong neighbour who isn’t afraid of some carrying? Is your mom a super fan of our store? Send them to us!



The skin care brand JOIK is constantly inspired by the magnificent Estonian nature. They combine the best natural ingredients with modern science, design and Nordic skin care traditions. They are natural and caring for nature, responsible, sustainable and they put a great emphasis on beautiful design!

The name JOIK comes from the word “joik” – the ancient singing style of nature-loving Sami people.

JOIK skin care | Het Faire Oosten
JOIK skin care | Het Faire Oosten