About fair dreams, wishes and acting to it

In the summer of 2014, Magali started on a mission. She was of the opinion that fast-fashion and cheap mass production are no longer possible. Not for the planet, not for yourself. She imagined herself a place where fairtrade and sustainable impact-makers could present their work to easily share their impacting message. This is how Het Faire Oosten – ‘House of Impact’  – was born and has since grown into a busy department store in Amsterdam – East.

What to expect? Products with a solid and good story! Everything is selected and curated with attention. Therefore, only items which are produced with respect towards the environment and the maker find a spot in our store. Products from far (fair trade) & also from close-by. Such as: fair fashion collections (the largest selection of Amsterdam and surroundings!), accessories, gifts, interior design, beauty products and also products for men, kids and babies.

“Become part of the impact & go home with a unique story worth sharing.”

The vision of Het Faire Oosten is to tempt people not only to shop and live more sustainably, but above all to evoke curiosity and appreciation towardcraftsmanship and sustainability. We have seen an increase in sustainable production innovations among the brands and makers we are working with. We have seen an increase in curiosity, appreciation, and awareness amongst our constantly growing community of impact-makers.

It is great to see that more people are choosing and looking for products that are produced with love, in a sustainable way with a great story worth sharing. Stories about the origin, the production process. Stories about design, material and ingredients. In short: the transparent story of the maker and his craft.


Be part of the impact