Manifesto - Het Faire Oosten


About making an impact.

In the summer of 2014, I – Magali, founder of Het Faire Oosten – started with a mission. “I believe that fast fashion and cheap mass production are no longer a possibility. Not for the planet, not for ourselves. Our planet is changing rapidly. It’s time for the way we shop to change, too. We shouldn’t undermine we all have an enormous power to positively shape our environment through ideas, minor changes in our daily routines, and through the people and brands, we choose to support.” With that in mind, Het Faire Oosten – ‘House of Impact’ – was born and has since then grown into a busy department store with the largest selection of fair fashion in Amsterdam and surroundings, accessories, gifts, interior design, beauty products and products for men, kids, and babies.

At Het Faire Oosten we have the vision to encourage people to shop and live more sustainably and evoke curiosity and appreciation towards craftsmanship. We support changemakers that are making a meaningful difference to the world. Changemakers with a good story and products which fit with that. We choose our brands because they are taking the right steps and help to create a more sustainable future. Everything you see in our department store in Amsterdam – East or online in our webshop is selected and curated with good care. Only items that are produced with respect towards the environment and the people who make them find a spot in my store.

“Become part of the impact and go home with a unique story worth sharing.”

We are the generation that can make a difference. We can choose to rethink, reduce, repair, recycle and repurpose. We can refuse to be part of mass production and disposable lifestyle and instead be part of the impact. It is great to see that people are choosing products that are produced with love, in a sustainable way and with a great story worth sharing. That group of people who are committed to this has grown enormously in recent years. But I also know that we are not there yet. I commit myself with all my strength to the fact that this will be the case in the foreseeable future.


Be part of the impact