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From May 30th until June 5th is the “Week zonder afval” (which translates to zero waste week) in the Netherlands. During this week everyone is encouraged to minimise their waste as much as possible, which is very much needed! That’s why we are giving you some ultimate tips to live an (almost) zero-waste life!


On average we throw away 490 kgs of waste per person each year, which is 1,3 kgs a day. And even though this is nothing compared to how much waste some of the biggest companies produce, it never hurts to try and reduce your own waste as much as possible.

Waste comes in a lot of different shapes and sizes. One of the more obvious ones is food packaging. Did you know that on average a person opens 7 packs a day?

Another big part of these 490 kgs is food waste. The biggest 5 in this category are:

  • Bread – 7,3 kgs per person per year
  • Dairy – 5,1 kgs per person per year
  • Vegetables – 3,7 kgs per person per year
  • Fruit – 3,0 kgs per person per year
  • Potatoes – 2,9 kgs per person per year

Some waste can be easily reduced by some small changes in your day to day life, so let’s give that a try this week!

Zero Waste - Week Zonder Afval | Het Faire Oosten



A very easy way to reduce your waste is by trying to eliminate single-use products from your life. Nowadays you can find reusable alternatives for almost every single-use item that you across in your day to day life. Below we have listed some of our favourite reusable products that you can find in our store:


In the case of reducing food waste, it mainly comes down to doing some smart grocery shopping and being creative about cooking with leftovers. But did you know that there are some brands that use food waste to create new products? In our store, you can find Instock, Dik & Schil en Kusala.

Instock uses leftover potatoes and bread to create delicious beers. With one sixpack of beer, you save about 12 potatoes from going to waste, how cool is that?

Bammertjes Bier - Instock | Het Faire Oosten

Another brand that manages to make a delicious drink out of food scraps is Dik & Schil. They use leftover coffee grounds and orange peel to create a tasteful coffee liquor, that can be perfectly used for an espresso martini!

The brand Kusala found a way to turn food waste into circular care products. They use residual flows of olive oil, beer, coffee and avocados to create soap bars. On each bar, the exact amount of circular ingrediënts is listed on the packaging, so you will always know how much of an impact you are making!


But of course, the ultimate tip to reduce your waste is to not buy anything new but to repair, reuse or recycle! Ready for a new wardrobe? Organise a clothing swap with friends and family! This is a great way to give the items that are gathering dust in the back of your closet a new purpose.

Broken vacuum cleaner, coffee machine, blender or record player? Visit a repair cafe! In a repair cafe, you can get your products repaired with the help of experts. You can just walk in, grab a coffee and you will find all the tools and help that you need to bring your item back to life. Did you know that there are over 500 repair cafes in the Netherlands? On this website, you can find a repair cafe close to you!

Reuse Repair Recycle | Het Faire Oosten

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