World Cleanup Day

September 16 is World Cleanup Day. On this day, about 70 million volunteers, spread over 191 countries, get on the streets to make the earth a little cleaner again. That is why on this day we as a team are also fighting the waste in Amsterdam East.

The idea behind World Cleanup Day started in 2008 in Estonia. Around 50,000 people gathered to clean up the whole country in just five hours. This inspired people worldwide to do the same thing and a global movement with a “let’s do it” attitude was born.

At Het Faire Oosten, making an impact is not limited to within the walls of our store. That is why we as a team will be fighting the waste in Amsterdam East on September 16 to make the neighborhood a little cleaner again. Our customers, neighbours and anyone who wants is invited to help out for an hour!

We will gather in front of Het Faire Oosten on Saturday, September 16 at 18:30.

Register in advance via this link and we will ensure that there are enough waste grabbers!

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