Vega Atlas


The Vega Atlas takes you on a vegetarian world trip

In De vega atlas, Isabel Boerdam shows you in more than 160 accessible recipes how diverse vegetarian cuisine is, anywhere in the world. Be surprised by unknown ingredients, herbs and spices. Taste what all world cuisines have to offer and be amazed by the possibilities!


While Dutch cuisine is traditionally known for the trinity of potatoes, vegetables and meat, you see that vegetarian cuisine in other countries is rooted in the culture. There they do not know the concept of 'meat substitute', 'vegan' is not regarded as a modern phenomenon and it is the most natural thing in the world to conjure up a meal on the table with everything nature has to offer. These kitchens receive full attention in De vega atlas.


But the cuisines and dishes in which meat or fish seem to be indispensable are also fully discussed in this book. We give classics a contemporary vegetarian twist with a charming nod to the original. Think of dishes like jackfruit rendang, no reindeer stew and Turkish pides with walnut mincemeat. And how about Beet Wellington or a potato stew? That's the great thing about vegan cuisine: it's always possible.


Do you cook and travel with you?



Language: Dutch

Binding method: Hardcover

Release date: March 2022

Dimensions: 268 x 194 x 36 mm

Number of pages: 376

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