The Sunflower Expedition


All aboard, the Sunflower Expedition is about to begin! Gear up for the adventure of a lifetime where you’ll go through a series of playful activities. Start your journey by taking the lead and swinging to the stars. Don’t forget to take a break to catch your breath and end your expedition at the top where the lookout point awaits you. Magnificent views of the sprawling scenery around you are included!


StoryTiles are traditionally baked in the Netherlands. Each tile tells a small story with a funny twist. Old-Dutch designs are intertwined with current designs. “Handbaked in Holland & crafted by humor!”


All tiles come with a hanging system to be hung like small pieces of art. StoryTiles are heat and water resistant, so tiling in the bathroom or kitchen is also possible. “A Tile with a Smile!”


Dimensions: Small 10 x 10 cm

Material: Ceramic


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Out of stock

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