DIY Liqueur – Sterk Bakkie


Time for a liquor with the coffee!

One of the Pineut classics: Sterk Bakkie. A primal neutral that is still doing well. Especially next to a (strong) cup of coffee, this coffee liqueur is a welcome guest.


Good to know. In the liqueurs Sterk Bakkie you will find the most honest coffee beans on the market. What makes these beans so fair? Because Moyee Coffee roasts the beans in the country of origin, the amount of money that the producing countries (and people) earn is increased by 300%.


These freshly roasted beans give our coffee bean liqueur its characteristic full flavor. And if you really want to pamper yourself, top your glass of liqueur with a dash of whipped cream. A heavenly combination!



  • Coffee beans from Moyee

  • Vanilla

  • Cardamom

  • Caster sugar



  • Young gin or vodka



  • 6 weeks or less

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