Soap Fennel & Coconut Milk


A spicy quirky soap for those who don't walk in line. The scent of this soap is characteristic and assertive! Most people immediately recognize the "licorice smell" that comes from the sweet fennel essential oil, even if this is only a small percentage of the essential oils. The fennel is supported and enriched with vetiver, cajeput, and eucalyptus essential oils.

The black color for this soap is obtained by adding activated carbon powder. This super fine powder has a very cleaning effect due to the gigantic surface area and an attraction to other particles. Activated carbon powder is widely used in medicine and water purification to extract toxins and other unwanted substances. Furthermore, this soap is also made with coconut milk, which provides a creamy, moisturizing and nourishing foam that is wonderfully soft for the skin.

Circular Soap Against Waste: the Fennel soap with coconut milk is 47% circular and contains the following circular ingredients: residual flows of olive oil, rainwater, oil from coffee grounds, and oil from rejected avocados.


Content: 100 gr

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