Soap Guacamole & Lime


This soap is made with extra avocado oil and real avocado puree! Avocado oil contains many unsaponifiable ingredients that make a bar of soap extra caring and moisturizing. The addition of avocado puree, rich in protein and nutrients, adds to that. It is a soap with light bubbling foam and a wonderfully fresh scent of lime with coriander, black pepper, and oregano. This guacamole soap is served on a brown-red plate of super fine ground avocado seed, which gives a very light scrub.


Circular Soap Against Waste: the Guacamole soap with lime is 59% circular and contains the following circular ingredients: residual olive oil, oil from rejected avocados, rainwater, oil from coffee grounds, and puree & ground kernels from residual flows of avocados.


Content: 100 g

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