Smudge Kit



– White Sage from California (+/- 12 gr.)

– Palo Santo sticks (3)

– Abalone shell

– Clear user manual



Our California White Sage is also harvested completely sustainably. No plantations, only Sage picked in the wild with respect for nature. Due to a unique and manual drying process, the White Sage is very pure and smells intense. Traditionally, the Indians used White Sage to energetically clean spaces.



Jiri & Friends only use branches that have fallen off the Palo Santo tree in a natural way. In addition, a new tree is planted for every kilogram of wood. Fully sustainable and 100% Fair Trade. The wood matures several years before the magical fragrance is released. Palo Santo is used in South America to remove negative energy, but also simply because it smells so good.



The shell takes thousands of years to get a beautiful pearly shine and is used to burn White Sage and Palo Santo. Any dark spots in the abalone have naturally arisen in the sea and give the shell a robust character. Place some White Sage and / or Palo Santo in the abalone shell. Light the Palo Santo and let it burn for a while. Then blow to make the wood glow (like on a coal). The wood glows briefly, but that is enough for the nice scent and cleaning effect. The White Sage can be lit in the same way. Allow the resulting smoke to clean the room. This is called “smudging”.


In your home, always work from the bottom up when cleaning with the white sage and palo santo. Make sure a window is open so that the “dirty” energy can go out. Try cleaning your house about once a month with the white sage or as often as you feel is necessary.


PAY ATTENTION: The abalone shell can get hot and crack if severely overheated. For this reason burn the Palo Santo / White Sage for a maximum of 1 minute. Provide a heat-resistant surface to place the abalone on. Use heat resistant gloves. Never inhale the smoke. Use only in well-ventilated areas.
Keep out of reach of children and pets. Keep away from flammable materials. Avoid contact with the clothes. Do not use during pregnancy. May cause allergic reactions. Keep dry. Do not burn or smolder when you leave the room.

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