Scrub Chamomile & Honey


The chamomile scrub soap is made with very strong chamomile tea. Chamomile soothes the skin, while honey has an antibacterial effect, contains antioxidants, and attracts and retains moisture. A modest addition of poppy seeds provides a massaging scrub that stimulates circulation. The delicious sweet-fresh scent of this soap comes from benzoin resin and litsea, lavender, and lemon essential oils.


This soap is made with the hot-process method. This means that the soap is gently boiled to aid the saponification process. After the saponification process has been completed and the soap has cooled, the essential oils are added. This way we ensure that the scent of the citrus essential oils is better preserved. The soap therefore also has a slightly different structure than our other soaps and looks a bit coarser and more rustic. We think it's so perfect!


Circular Soap Against Waste: the Chamomile Scrub soap with honey is 56% circular and contains the following circular ingredients: residual flows of olive oil, rainwater, oil from coffee grounds, and oil from rejected avocados.


Content: 100 g

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