Rocks Be Love


Self-love mode ON. Rose quartz strengthens self-love and brings emotional balance. In the bag you will find 3 rose quartz, 1 in your bag, 1 for next to your bed and 1 to give away?



– Soothing.

– Promotes love for yourself and for another.

– Relieve the heart and calm down.


How to use: Rose quartz in the home fills the room with kindness and love. Carry a rose quartz with you for more confidence. Place a rose quartz in your bedroom to attract love or in the delivery room to strengthen the connection between Mother and child. Take the rose quartz with you to soothe skin complaints (eczema / pimples / warts).

Rose quartz works on the heart chakra and is a good Ayurvedic stone for the Pitta Dosha.

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