Repair Balm


100% natural all-in-one Repair Balm is made with olive oil, Helichrysum flower, sea buckthorn fruit and other rich extracts; This is a powerful blend that moisturizes, heals and protects the lips, face and body with a subtle scent of grapefruit and petitgrain


This all-in-one Repair Balm for the lips, face and body is made from nature's most powerful plants. The balm moisturizes, nourishes, heals and protects irritated, cracked skin. This product heals chapped lips naturally, soothes sunburn and supports the healing of eczema.


  • Hydrates and protects dry scaly skin

  • Softens and repairs chapped lips

  • Softens and nourishes skin to prevent stretch marks

  • Soothes irritation caused by sunburn and insect bite

  • Suitable for eczema


Content: 50 g

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