Opa’s Pride


Celebrate Pride with Grandpa and Milly


Grandpa used to walk with Opie in Pride parades. Milly would love to walk with Grandpa this year, but he is now too old for such a trip. Then Milly has a brilliant idea: what if they celebrate Pride in Grandpa's own city? Grandpa is immediately enthusiastic and together they get to work. And even better: everyone helps. Banners are made, flags are hung and songs are practiced. And on the day itself? Then the whole village comes together and everyone celebrates their true selves. Grandpa's Pride is a heartwarming picture book where the beautiful colors splash off the pages! A colourful book that celebrates diversity in all its forms.



Language: Dutch

Binding method: Hardcover

Release date: April 2023

Dimensions: 286 x 247 x 10 mm

Number of pages: 32

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Out of stock

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