Giftbox Tea – Gluhwein Let It Glow


Let it glow! Gluhwein tea in a nice gift box with tea infuser. Nothing smells, tastes and says winter more than mulled wine!


This winter you will feel warm, because the Master Blenders have combined the most beautiful black tea with the most delicious mulled wine herbs and a pinch of their magic. And the nice thing is, it is completely without alcohol! So the kids and Bob can also enjoy!


Vary yourselves: try grape, cranberry or apple juice! Put the pan on the fire, heat the juice with the tea for 5-6 minutes, and you're done! Are the kids lying in bed, and can you use a kick after that walk with the (in-law) family?


Go, put that pan on the fire and heat red (or white!) Port to a boil. Add the "Let It Glow mélange", wait for another 5 minutes and then enjoy! What will you sleep well …

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