Gif in het Dierenrijk


Good question: why are animals actually poisonous? How do they get their poison? And why is poison much more important than we think? There is still so much to learn about poison: about the danger, but also about the healing powers and the importance for survival. The entire colorful register is pulled open in this book: variegated snakes, fierce wasps with their poison angels, brightly colored frogs, toads with their warty skin and graceful luminous jellyfish. The world of poison is also a very splashy, crackling and colorful world.


In addition to everything you've always wanted to know about this crazy stuff, you can also drown in exciting, funny, and fine stories about poison that take you into the hunting grounds of a black mamba, to the jungle in the time of the explorers and the tsars' time when poison was quite a popular commodity.



Language: Dutch

Binding method: Hardcover

Release date: September 2022

Dimensions: 252 x 197 x 22 mm

Number of pages: 128

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