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The Covid-19 crisis is affecting millions of lives in India at the moment. The lockdown has led to further poverty, starvation, and no guarantee of employment.  The situation is at its peak with hundreds of thousands of daily infections, thousands of deaths every day, and the government taking little to no action to protect their population or provide them with basic human needs. 


That is why we decided to work together with People Tree to take action in this situation. People Tree is one of our Fair Fashion brands that produce their garments in India. Their charity, The People Tree Foundation, is working together with one of their producers in India to provide the local people with food and other essentials. 


You can help too! Donate a food package to a family in India. For €6,50 you can purchase a food package for one family. Please help and donate as many food packages as you can spare!


The food packages are as seen on the pictures and will contain, among other things:

  • A bag of rice

  • A bag of flower

  • A bag of lentils

  • Multiple packages with herb powder

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