Face Mask Reusable


Organic Cotton Colours

Double-sided mask made of GOTS certified organic cotton (Global Organic Textile Standard) with high thread density for maximum protection. The organic cotton fabric feels soft, respects the skin and is free from dyes and chemicals. The impermeability of the interior fabric eliminates the possibility of the wet particles we generate being transferred from both inside and out. This material has the special feature that the steam generated by the user can be removed and that wet particles are retained.
Cotton is not considered an optimal fabric for protection against COVID19 due to its ability to retain moisture. However, with the waterproof inner fabric of this model we offer real protection against contamination to third parties.
All components of this model are produced locally and by hand.

Complete the cycle in a washing machine with detergent at 60º or any other action that guarantees the inactivity of the virus.
Estimated durability: more than 100 washes

This mask is not approved by any established regulations.
This product is not PPE (personal protective equipment) and is not suitable for sanitary use.
Mask designed for long-term use.
The user’s breathing is from the sides and not through the tissue.
This article minimizes contamination with third parties. It is in no way a protection against contamination of COVID19.

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