Easy Peasy Family 2.0


Easy Peasy Family 2.0 is the brand new edition of the book of the same name that appeared in 2015 and the successor of the successful cooking and education book Easy Peasy. Intended for the whole family with a slight focus on children aged 4 to 12 years.


Giving your child the most healthy basis in terms of food and drink is when they are very small are fairly simple but what do you do when the world around them gets bigger and bigger? How do you explain to your children why something is or isn't healthy for them? How do you deal with your own food wishes and limits with friends and family? What to do with (candy) exceptions? What if daddy doesn't join? How do you involve your children in food and cooking? And what alternatives do you have outside the door?


In addition to being a cookbook, Easy Peasy Family 2.0 is also a guide for parents when it comes to behavioral change. Full of information, advice and practical tips & tricks in the field of eating behavior and parenting, updated to the latest insights. Because the right mindset is half the battle!



Language: Dutch

Binding method: Hardcover

Release date: November 2021

Dimensions: 259 x 196 x 23 mm

Number of pages: 240

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