DIY Liqueur – Sterk Bakkie


Fair trade coffee beans, vanilla, cardamom and dark caster sugar. A very strong combination. Top this liqueur with a dash of whipped cream and serve with a (strong) cup of joe.


Fair beans

Good to know. In this liqueur you will find de most fair coffee beans that are out there. What makes this beans so special? Because Moyee Coffee burns their beans in the land of heritage, the money of the lands and people that produced it goes up to 300%! These fair and fresh burned beans give taste to this strong liqueur.


How to make it?

  1. Add gin or vodka to the pocket bottle and place the bottle in a nice spot.

  2. Give the bottle a daily affectionate shake. Wait patiently.

  3. After 6 weeks you can filter the liqueur through a fine sieve or coffee filter and your liqueur is ready. Cheers!



Pamper yourself by adding some whipped cream. An excellent combination with this flavourful 'Sterk Bakkie' beans!


Ingredients:brown sugar, coffee beans, vanilla and cardamom

Add yourself:gin or vodka

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