Diffuser 200ml – Light Lemongrass


Always be positive, with this light, fresh scent of: Lemongrass, Orange & May chang.


The diffusers from We Love The Planet provide a wonderful scent and a pleasant atmosphere at home. This Natural Fragrance diffuser consists of a natural perfume mixed with essential oils.


This diffuser packed in an ecological gift box consists of a large vase, made of recycled glass, a refill of 200ml and 2 bundles with large kajute twigs. These sticks grow in the wild and are picked by hand, so that the ecosystem is not affected.


This large variant is also very suitable for somewhat large spaces such as the living room, bedroom or office. Pour a small layer of oil into the vase and use 2-3 sticks for sustainable use. Replace these sticks every 2 weeks for an optimal fragrance.


Due to the essential oils, our diffusers last at least 2x as long as other diffusers. The average duration of use with the 200ml diffusers is between 32 – 36 weeks with normal use. (2-3 skewers).

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