De Wens & De Vaders


Sara is a list-making champion, can park like a man and has loads of friends, but is still missing a prince on a white cargo bike – with kids. At the age of thirty-five, she starts looking for a way to make that happen. Signing up on a dating site brings hilarious adventures, but no father to her kids. Sara changes tack and sets her sights on a gay man who wants children to co-parent with. Bizarre and serious encounters ensue that lead to nothing – until she runs into Simon and Luca. The Desire and the Fathers is a true-to-life, scintillating and briskly and humorously written account of a woman's quest for happiness.



Language: Dutch

Binding method: Paperback

Release date: January 2012

Dimensions: 211 x 137 x 24 mm

Number of pages: 240

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Out of stock

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