De Bijbel van de Barman


Over 75 recipes for classic and iconic drinks. Making a premium cocktail is a real art, and in this book connoisseur Tristan Stephenson shows you how to conjure over 75 iconic drinks from your cocktail shaker at home. Enjoy well-known classics such as the Bloody Mary, Piña Colada or Manhattan, but also discover lesser-known gems such as the Sidecar, Rum Swizzle or Hanky ​​Panky. In addition to expert advice, you will find information about the origin of the drink or a nice anecdote with every recipe. Who knows, you might find your calling as a bartender! Tristan Stephenson is a renowned bartender and author. He co-founded eight bars and restaurants in the UK and organizes seminars and tastings around the world.



Language: Dutch

Binding method: Hardcover

Release date: October 2021

Dimensions: 256 x 210 x 25 mm

Number of pages: 208

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