Cutlery Bamboo Reusable


Imagine yourself sitting outside somewhere in the sun. You are about to eat and your mouth is already watering at the thought of the meal taken with you. But then, as you grab your food, you find out there is only plastic cutlery. Well, shit. Say hello to an awful aftertaste. That is why you want to bring bamboo cutlery. This way, you avoid this from happening, and you ensure always being able to enjoy every tiny bit of tasty flavour your meal offers.


The set conatins:

  • 1x Bamboo knife

  • 1 x Bamboo spoon

  • 1 x Bamboo fork

  • 2 x Bamboo chopsticks

  • 1 x Bamboo straw

  • 1 x Cleaning brush

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Out of stock

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