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All Modern Druids deodorants are made by hand using high-quality organic (and where possible also fair trade), oils and butters. If possible MD also use organic essential oils and are suitable for vegans, because no bees wax or other animal ingredients are used. There are also no aluminium chlorohydrate or parabens in MD deodorants.

These deodorants are not anti-perspirant, you stay sweating – sweating is one of the ways your body gets rid of waste. It also has the function to cool your body so is not something you want to stop! The simple composition ensures that your armpits stay fresh. The way it works is by ensuring the bacteria that cause the unpleasant smell of sweat have no chance. The added oils have antimicrobial properties in some cases (in other cases it just smells good) and coconut oil and shea butter care your delicate underarm skin even further.

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