Cleansing cream


This multifunctional wash, natural shampoo and natural shower gel in one is perfume-free and soap-free, so that the skin is gently cleansed while remaining soft. The wash contains nourishing and moisturizing natural ingredients such as jojoba oil and black bamboo extract. All SMPL products are vegan and do not contain perfume or essential oils.


How to use: The shower gel and shampoo in 1 cleans and moisturizes your body, face, hair and hands. The wash does not dry out your skin or hair due to the caring ingredients and because it does not contain perfume or essential oils. It ensures strong, shiny and healthy hair. Does not sting the eyes. Milder than mild. Use: Massage a small amount on wet hair or body and rinse well. Or use it purely to wash only your hands!


50 ml.

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