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Very Goods Studio has partnered with Born Slippy, to raise awareness for protection of the oceans. Born Slippy, is an organisation aiming to inspire the surfing community with better options.


This shared ethos of being sustainable and bringing more awareness to the environmental issues made the collaboration idea easy and Very Goods Studio decided to dedicate one of their best selling smell Alga, but in an amber jar for the first time. As a part of the Lowtide Collection, Alga is inspired by the seaweeds and versatile marine plants that grow in abundant underwater forests. Pieces of this marine forest get carried in by the tide, and left behind like green gems on the sand. Earthy aromas of oakmoss fused with the marine smell of seaweed join green fig to layer over the herbaceous duo of coriander seed and sage. Alga culminates in a scent that’s like a walk through a wet forest gently swaying in the dark depths of the big blue ocean.


With the oceans in mind, Very Goods Studio will be collectively donating 50% of their profits  to Parley For The Oceans, a nonprofit environmental organization that focuses on protection of the oceans. 100% of every donation directly supports Parley ocean initiatives, education and communication campaigns and implementation of the Parley AIR strategy.


Top: Oakmoss, Orange
Heart: Fig, Sage, Coriander Seed
Base: Seaweed


These candles are made from rapeseed wax and are all hand-poured into beautiful recycled amber glass jars in our small studio in Amsterdam. The candles emit a warming glow and work well in everyone’s interior. Thelids are tinware and our packaging is 100% plastic-free. All products are natural, vegan and handmade in The Netherlands.


Ingredients: 100% natural rapeseed wax, essential oils, paraben free botanical fragrances and cotton wick.


Content: 170 ml
Burn time: 45 – 50 hours

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