Rock Your Crystals


In “Rock your crystals” Hanneke Peeters of Rock Your World shows that crystals are more than jewels; you experience more peace and satisfaction. Crystals can help balance your energy and / or adjust your lifestyle. Hanneke Peeters gives self-care tips based on 50 crystals. For example, she says that pyrite helps you to increase your energy, that you can regain your inner calm with celestine and that lapis lazuli provides more insight. That crystals are hip can be seen on the catwalk and in fashion stores such as Urban Outfitters. Rens Kroes, Danielle van Grondelle, Adèle and Victoria Beckham are enthusiastic users of the crystals. “Stones provide guidance.” – Hanneke Peeters Hanneke Peeters (37) is the founder of the Rock Your World brand. She felt the need to calm her hectic life. This was done with the help of crystals. Now she also helps other women to increase their happiness.



Language: Dutch

Binding Style: Hardcover

Release Date: May 2019

Dimensions:218 x 158 x 20 mm

Number of pages: 176

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