Rituelen voor Elke Dag


In Everyday Rituals, Nadia and Katia show you step by step how to press your own “pause” button. After their international bestseller Self-care, the ultimate guide to taking care of yourself, the sisters Katia and Nadia Narain Philips now come with their second book: Rituals for every day. We all need moments of peace in our lives, but we often don’t know how to escape the hectic pace of the day. In every culture there are rituals for important events or phases of life. Rituals that force you to take a breather and watch the moment with attention. Nadia and Katia have collected the most soothing and easy to perform rituals in this beautiful book. From fine morning rituals to rituals for love, acceptance and change to relaxing evening rituals.



Language: Dutch

Binding method: Hardcover

Release date: April 2019

Dimensions: 204 x 148 x 24 mm

Number of pages: 192

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Out of stock