Heel Veel Veggie


Vegetables in the lead in Even more Veg!

In this sequel to the successful cookbook Veg !, you discover how delicious it is to cook with an infinite amount of vegetables!


Even more Veg!

Hugh Fearnley Whittingstal Goes In Even More Veg! one step further than in his previous cookbook. In the successor to Veg! he shows how tasty vegetables actually are. The recipes are divided into spicy vegetable dishes, oven vegetables, hearty salads, soup, raw dishes & breakfasts, tapas, mezze & side dishes and potatoes & cereals. Discover for yourself how delicious it is to cook with versatile vegetables.


Pure and unprocessed

The recipes only use vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds, spices and cold-pressed oils. Even more Veg! shows that cooking with vegetables, fruit and grains is not difficult at all and above all tastes fantastic! Pure and unprocessed ingredients are the best building blocks for a delicious and healthy meal! Enjoy your meal!



Language: Dutch

Binding method: Hardcover

Release date: November 2017

Dimensions: 254 x 203 x 39 mm

Number of pages: 416

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