Handboek Wildplukkertjes


Did you know that you can make itching powder from rose hips? And from sea lettuce fish food? Have you ever made chocolate spread yourself? Daisies and dandelions are delicious in the lettuce and nettles go in the witch soup of course! Erica Bakker and Ellen van den Broek have made a wildlife picking book for children and other novice game pickers around various themes and environments. They tell you where to find which common edible flowers, plants and fruits and what to do with them. A book that shows what you can find outside the door for fun and treats. With beautiful drawings, special activities and simple but surprisingly tasty recipes. Erica Bakker and Ellen van den Broek undertook many outdoor activities with their children. The memories of this were the reason for this book in which they have gathered the knowledge of all those years. Rachelle Klaassen studied at the Design Academy and combines her love for nature and talent for drawing in this book.



Language: Dutch

Binding method: Paperback

Release date: April 2015

Dimensions: 216 x 165 x 22 mm

Number of pages: 176

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