Extra Vierge


In Extra Vierge, Sandra Alvarez shares her unconditional love for cooking with olive oil. In the surprising, accessible and healthy recipes, this liquid gold always provides an unforgettable taste sensation. Think of dishes like mindf *ck faux gras (vegan foie gras), seafood muffins, banana ceviche and sugar-free burnt cheesecake.

Olive oil is used in all recipes, even in desserts and cocktails. Moreover, there are many vegetarian dishes and without added refined sugars. Sandra's Spanish-Asian roots are reflected in more than 100 original dishes from around the world, with a lot of attention being paid to more conscious and healthy eating.


Language: Dutch

Binding method: Hardcover

Release date:August 2020

Dimensions: 255 x 196 x 27 mm

Number of pages: 224

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