Door Oost


Amsterdam East still pretends to be the literary center of the Netherlands. After the books Oost and More Oost (both 3rd editions), Door Oost is already the third (and thickest) collection of stories from and about East. In their story, Alma Mathijsen and Roman Helinski paint the bizarre birds of Amsterdam East, Marijke Schermer moves in a couple from Oostpoort that have grown apart, Joyce Roodnat tells how a girl from Finsenstraat gets engaged to an Ajax player and Auke Kok introduces herself for how he would miss East if he ever left. Further contributions from Henk Spaan, Eva Posthuma de Boer, Daniël Rovers, Nina Polak and Erik Rozing, among others.



Language: Dutch

Binding method: Paperback

Release date: Mai 2018

Dimensions: 200 x 125 x 17 mm

Number of pages: 144

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