Detox Water


Water, fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, herbs and spices: that’s all you need to make delicious cold water drinks and warm infusions. Detox water offers 70 cold and warm, tasty and healthy thirst quenchers that not only never get bored but also contribute to the health of the body and mind. The sophisticated combinations in ‘Detox water’ revitalize, aid digestion, contribute to the immune system, are anti-inflammatory and more. Make tea of matcha, bergamot and vanilla pods for a soothing effect or let dried apricots and rosemary steep in boiled water for 4 minutes for a revitalizing and antioxidant effect. Leave a carafe filled with cold water, grapes, fennel and oregano for half an hour and enjoy a digestion-enhancing drink. ‘Detox water’ gives original recipes and unexpected flavor combinations that will make you feel better. Of course, simple and quick to prepare.



Language: Dutch

Binding method: Hardcover

Release date: January 2020

Dimensions: 269 x 201 x 21 mm

Number of pages: 160 pages

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