Geluk voor kinderen 2


Shared happiness is twice as much fun! Happiness expert Leo Bormans wrote a wonderful sequel to Happiness for children. Happiness for children 2 is about friendship. Good friends are important for a happy life. Maybe you have a lot of friends, maybe you have one. Maybe you don’t have a friend yet, but someone will probably come your way. This book shows how to be and stay a friend. Because even more important than having friends is being friends. Read these ten brand new stories with your child or grandchild. Marvel at the fascinating birds, enjoy the colorful illustrations by Sebastiaan Van Doninck, and be guided by the creative assignments and tips.



Language: Dutch

Binding Method: Hardcover

Release Date: September 2016

Dimensions: 338 x 276 x 15 mm

Number of pages: 62

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Out of stock