Body Wash Bar – Clove & Sage


Clove and sa(va)ge

Tough, robust and full of confidence. This Body Wash Bar gives you a bucket of self-confidence with its sharp and aromatic scents. The combination of cloves and sage nourishes your skin and provides a deep cleansing. Make sure your day can't go wrong with the characteristic Clove and Sage Body Wash Bar. Kick start your day!


What ingredients do you find in this body bar?

The Body Bars of HappySoaps contain only natural ingredients that make your skin glow again. This Bar includes cloves and sage. This combination provides nourished skin, deep cleansing and natural hydration.

  • Go for a spicy and refreshing scent sensation with natural cloves in our Bars.

  • With natural sage, your skin and hair feel reborn.

  • Coconut oil has a refreshing and cooling effect on the skin.

  • Olive oil is rich in antioxidants. This way your skin and hair are optimally protected.


0% plastic, 100% effective

This cheerful Body Wash Bar is 100% plastic-free. It contains all the active ingredients of a traditional bottle of shower gel, but without the polluting packaging or added water. Happy Soaps compresses the active substances into 1 Bar. This Bar is equivalent to at least 3-4 plastic bottles of shower gel! In combination with the natural ingredients, delicious fragrance and longevity with rightful alternative that is better for you and the planet.


Content: 100 grams

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Out of stock

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