Body Bar – Clove And Sage


This Body Bar is particularly suitable for sensitive skin. The sustainable oils, natural botanicals and aromatic components of the Body Bar turn your shower into a true cleaning ritual. Conscious for you and our nature: This Body Bar doesn’t just smell good. There is even more good behind it. It is free from plastic, SLS and parabens. A conscious, tasty and above all sustainable choice. You no longer have to drag with environmentally unfriendly shower and shower gels. Body Bars last as long as 3 normal shower gel bottles! That is good for both nature and your wallet.


How do I use the Body Bar?

1. First remove the Body Bar from the plastic-free, durable packaging (cardboard sleeve).

2. Massage your skin while showering with the Body Bar.

3. If the Body Bar comes into contact with water, it will foam and you can clean your body.

4. Enjoy the wonderful wash.

5. Rinse well after use and store the Body Bar neatly, preferably in a dry place.

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