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Worlds of Opportunities, better known as WOO, is a global sustainable, fair-trade, and impact lifestyle brand. They co-design, co-create and co-produce an array of luxury items that are a living reflection of their values: the well-being of our planet and its people is at the core of everything they do. They offer authentic products that are co-created by communities around the world. The connect a global community of aspirational consumers, partners and supporters who are all committed to create a better future. WOO sources all their materials sustainable and upcycles them to create their products. They furthermore use only natural ingredients. They do this by educating, employing and investing in disadvantaged people so they can empower them to achieve a better quality of life.


WOO works with a group of female garbage collectors that operate on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The product line of WOO increase the demand for upcycled bottles and, therefore, increase income opportunities for these individuals. This difference allows our bottle collectors to earn enough money to raise their children themselves, instead of sending their sons and daughters to remote villages under the care of distant relatives. Upcycled glasses are used in WOO Lucky Candles and Diffusers.


After successful trade shows in Germany and the Netherlands in the summer of 2017, WOO has stepped up production at its Ho Chi Minh City workshop. In August 2017 there was, for the first time, a full container load of luxury products headed for the retail stores in Holland and Germany.