Het Faire Oosten goes Webshop!

Dear beloved customers,As a local company, we of course notice the consequences that the Coronavirus has on our economy.Although the consequences can be serious, we make the best of it as usual and do not sit still. Wesee this as a challenge in which we can set upcreative newinitiatives.

We are busy creating a webshop, so Het Faire Oosten is always close by. The fact that we may see each other a little less in the near future does not mean that we cannot be kind to each other.

Now is the time to pamper each other (or yourself) andto buck someone up. That is why westarted offering different gift boxes that you can send to your beloved / grandfather /grandmother / mother / father / brother / sister or of course to yourself.

These can be found on our social media channels andcan be ordered via a private message,keep a close eye on Instagram and Facebook!

We deliver for free by bicycle if the delivery address is within 4KM cycling distance, for therest of the Netherlands we charge € 7.25 shipping costs.

Would you like to help us by letting us know which products / product groups you would like to see first in our webshop?

Our shop isopen every day from 12:00p.m.to5:00 p.m.as long as it is still allowed. We, team-HetFaire Oosten, naturally observe all rules. In order to create the safest possible environment for yourself and our employees, we apply the hygiene measures and the guidelines of the RIVM. We therefore ask you to keep at least 1.5 meters away at all times, not to shake hands and to sneeze into your elbow. We will ensure that you are greeted with an extra big smile. We have placed gloves a tour entrance that can be worn while shopping. Fortunately, we see that all our visitors comply with these guidelines. In addition, we have a shop of 350m2, so remote advice is still possible, and we are happy to do it for you!We believe that we will get through it with you, our loyal customer base. We are going to do this together!
Warm Regards,
Team-Het Faire Oosten