Timeless, ethical & sustainable winter coats for the Dutch winter season.

Fall is here and winter is definitely on its way. In The Netherlands this means all sorts of weather conditions from rain, to storm to snow. Most important is to keep yourself warm during all nippy mornings, chilly evenings, and freezing nights. Hereby, we would like to share our top in-store Dutch weather proof sustainable and ethical winter coats to keep you fashionably warm for all future chilly seasons to come. These jackets, in different price categories, are not just bound to survive one season, this is an investment of a lifetime. Sustainable fashion is timeless, goes a long way, and most importantly never goes out of style.  


Fun fact; Brixtol started in a small kitchen in Stockholm, Sweden in 2011 by two friends Gustav and Emil who wanted to break traditions and make progressive clothes. The brand has since grown into a solid sustainable brand. The jackets are made of recycled wool and polyester. The polyester is made from recycled PET bottles and used wool is collected from used garments and production waste. The collected wool is then shredded into individual fibers and spun into new yarn. In this way they can save energy, water and decrease chemical pollution by minimizing the production of wool. Fashionably & sustainable.

Price ranges from €200 –  €400 


The Ecoalf jackets have quite the story worth sharing. Ecoalf was born in 2009 when Javier was reflecting upon the world and what we would leave to the next generation, especially to his son Alfredo. He wanted to create a fashion brand that was truly sustainably by integrating breakthrough technology to create clothing entirely from recycled materials. In 2015, they started an ambitious project; ‘Upcycling the Oceans’. This is a worldwide project that removes marine debris from the bottom of the oceans thanks to the support of local fishermen. The trash is transformed it into top quality yarn to produce garments, like these jackets. They give recovered waste a second life, help build a circular economy, and raise awareness about the global issue of marine trash

Prices ranges from €199,- to €350,-


Puffer it up and get this seasons look. It is time to get your puffer game on! Available for men and women in a variety of colors and prints. These jackets are not available in the online dedicated store, so come and try them on. The jackets are made of 100% recycled PET-bottles. This is a kind of garment that you do not need to wash regularly, and for that reason, it does not spread microplastics. The inside is made of 100% organic cotton to help you keep warm all season long.

Price ranges from €200,- to €250,-


Tretorn is a Swedish brand that specializes in designing sustainable outerwear to withstand the worse of the worse weather conditions. This jacket will keep you dry, warm and will even break the wind. It is PU made with recycled materials for its lining and filling. The taped seams and woven openings make it completely waterproof. Its timeless design will help you keep it a long time, it both fits in nature as well as in the buzz of the city.  Available in arctic green, plum and black.

Price: €190,-