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The situation in Ukraine right now calls for action! Making the world a better place doesn’t stop for us with the products we sell. Where help is needed, we see it as our responsibility to provide it and we need your help to do so. Because we are in this together!

Donate directly to GIRO555 via this link! For every donation you make, we add another 50%!


In addition to donating, you can also offer help by registering yourself as a host family. Currently, there are about 1.4 million Ukrainians displaced, but the UN expects this to rise to about 5 million people. Some of these will also end up in the Netherlands and will need a place to stay.

The organization Takecarebnb works together with COA (Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers) and is involved in arranging host families for recognized asylum seekers. On the Takecarebnb website, you will find more information about the situation of refugees from Ukraine and how you can register as a host family.

Not sure whether your house is suitable or whether registering as a host family is something for you? Then take a look at the Takecarebnb website! Here you will find more information on what will happen if you apply to be a host family!

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