Help us find our new team member and receive a €50 giftcard

We are looking for new team members and you can help us!

Is your best friend a real sustainable hero? Does your son have to much free time since he passed his high school exams? Is your cousin a true style advisor? Do you have a strong neighbour who isn’t afraid of some carrying? Is your mom a super fan of our store? Send them to us!

Het Faire Oosten - Winkelmedewerker
Het Faire Oosten - Vrachtverwerker

We are looking for new shop assistants and order handlers to join our team. If you’ve got the golden tip for us and your recommendation works at Het Faire Oosten for more than two months, you will receive a €50 giftcard. So call your friends, tell your brother and spread the word that we are hiring!

Click here for more information about all of our vacancies.

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