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Het Faire Oosten offers makers and sustainable entrepreneurs a physical platform in Amsterdam. The pillars of Het Faire Oosten are sustainability, craftsmanship & creativity. Our aim is to inspire, educate and empower one another and consequently grow as a community of next era impact-makers. Next to our physical store in Amsterdam East, you can also shop on our webshop! Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook pages for the latest products and trends.

Zero Waste - Week Zonder Afval | Het Faire Oosten


"De Week Zonder Afval"

From May 30th until June 5th is the “Week zonder afval” (which translates to zero waste week) in the Netherlands. During this week everyone is encouraged to minimise their waste as much as possible, which is very much needed!

That’s why we are giving you some ultimate tips to live an (almost) zero-waste life!



Kusala’s mission is to create soap with good karma! For their circular care products, they use ingrediënts that would otherwise go to waste like rainwater and residual flows of olive oil, beer, coffee and avocados.

All Kusala soaps are handmade in Rotterdam, 100%  plastic-free and, on average, the soaps are 46% circular. Every soap has the exact amount of circular ingrediënts listed on the packaging, so you will always know how much of an impact you are making!

Kusala | Het Faire Oosten
Kusala | Het Faire Oosten